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Overview PCB

TVS is one of the leading and fastest growing investment and financial services provider in Vietnam. We offer our clients a wide range of products and services to help our clients to achieve their financial objectives. Established as a prominent broker in Viet Nam, the team is looking outward with plans to extend distribution both locally and internationally.  We provide private investment portfolios which are designed in security to accord with targets and ability to accept the risks of each entity.

Brokerage and Sales for Institutional Clients
Research is the key driver and differentiator of our Institutional Brokerage service.  With the full Research team now in place, we have the largest and most experienced team of analysist in the industry. With our strong research capabilities, we are able to provide our institutional clients with usefull insights on the economy, market and sectors through the daily reports, company reports, sector reports, and strategy papers. Currently, our TVS Daily Market Watch is the only report of its kind   reaching institutional investors every day.

Brokerage and Sales for Personal Clients
TVS’s Personal-Client Brokerage and Sales have been a dominating force in our business since inception. We have the advantages of being an early market participant with an established brand name and a good market share in the personal clients market.

TVS’ s services includes:

  • Opening transaction accounts for clients
  • Receiving and executing bid/ ask orders from clients
  • Shareholders’ books management
  • Trade and pledge securities
  • Custody and deposit
  • Investment advisory
  • OTC market brokerage
  • Securities bidding agent
  • Providing margin accounts
  • Mortgaging securities
  • Block building for large order