Market reports


29-08-2014 15:43:21

The long rally has carried VNI to new high of 633 points on 28/08/2014, the highest level over the last 5 years. While some investors rushed to jump on board, many took a more cautious view with the upcoming market direction ...


28-08-2014 10:20:30

The commercial seed sector is an important input for domestic agriculture and is considered highly appealing, especially taking into account more than 8 million ha of cultivated land ...

Progress of TPP negotiations and related-stocks?

22-08-2014 11:37:57

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries will hold the next meeting of their chief negotiators in Hanoi from Sept 1-10/2014, according to informed sources. The most prominent feature of the TPP is widespread tax break ...

Automobile Industry – Promising Outlook

15-08-2014 15:44:44

The General Statistics Office (GSO) reported an increase of 60% in imports of Completely Built-Up (CBU) automobiles to the Vietnam market in the first 7 months of this year ...

Confectionery companies and Autumn 2014

13-08-2014 15:44:56

Lingering weak purchasing power since the beginning of the year exerted a significant impact on business operations in general. Even the FMCG enterprises, which suffered less than the other sectors ...

Industrial Real Estate Catches Up With New Trends

12-08-2014 15:16:28

Currently, Vietnam is gaining significant advantages to attract FDI: (1)The golden population structure, (2) The ability to meet the diversified demands, notably workforce with competitive labor costs compared to other regions ...

Seasonality Investing Books Sector

08-08-2014 18:32:37

Here are several reasons that make books sector become appealing in the last 6 months of the year. High, stable cash dividend, dividend yield ranges from 9-11%. Dividends are usually paid in the last 6 months ...

Investment strategy for risky stocks

06-08-2014 18:10:25

Here we sort list companies on the brink of compulsory delisting, but have a chance to survives should they  avoid the above regulatory actions. Those are stocks on the verge of collapse with two years of consecutive losses (2012 and 2013),