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FPT CORPORATION - FOX Listing as Short-term Catalyst

13-01-2017 09:19:40

11M2016 results saw flat revenue and moderate improved net income. For 11M-2016, FPT reported revenue of VND 35,872 billion (+0% YoY) and net profit of VND 1,730 billion (+8% YoY). Foreign markets play increasing important roles as Revenue and PBT accounted for VND 5,451 billion (+31% YoY) and VN 806 billion (39% YoY) respectively. Across all sub-sectors, Retail (33%); Online Advertising (30%) and Software outsourcing (29%) had the biggest YoY growths, while Distribution and Manufacturing sector suffered a negative YoY growth rate (-30.6%).Valuation. We expect FY2016 FPT would somewhat surpass last year performance by achieving VND39,900-40,200 revenue and VND 1,940-1,960 billion earnings. EPS ranges from VND 4,220 to VND 4,350. Currently FPT is trading at 10.8x 2016EPS.

[TVS] PNJ [+29% - BUY] - All bad things come to an end - 11M2016 Equity Update

30-12-2016 14:24:52

All bad things come to end: Margin upswings and earnings recovery key catalyst. 11M16 EBT reached VND 560bn, up 131% YoY, highlighting a sharp recovery from prior year’s one (-41% YoY) due to major provision for the investment in Dong A Bank. Excluding the impact of provision and one-off income, 11M16 EBT was VND 603bn, up 43%. We believe earnings would flourish from 2017F onwards after full provision was made for Dong A Bank in 2016. Considering core-businesses only, both gross and EBT margins hit record high in 11M16 thanks to the expansion of jewelry retail that has superior margins versus other businesses. Our estimation indicates PNJ to end 2016F with VND 610bn EBT, up 206% YoY and exceeding annual target by 30%. Accordingly, 2016F EPS is VND 4,400, up 245% YoY.Compelling valuations. Our DCF-based 12M-target price is VND 85,000 – a 28% upside, with an implied 2017F EV/EBITDA of 10.4x. We anticipate PNJ to pay VND2,000 cash dividend in FY2016 (interim dividend was VND 1,000), resulting in a 29% stock return. Valuations are compelling, in our view, given PNJ currently trades at 24% discount to regional average EV/EBITDA while its EBITDA margin delivers 26% premium to regional norm.

Vietjet Air - A Flight You Can\'t Miss - Prelisting Notes - 21 December 2016

21-12-2016 17:05:07

We have recently attended a presentation by Vietjet Air management ahead of its pre-listing offering scheduled in February 2017. Please find the highlights of the presentation with our comments below: •Total domestic passengers travel by air grew 21% to 41 mils and accounts for 27.3% of total transported passengers •Government is committed to invest USD 10bn to improve air transportation infrastructure, aiming to increase the number of airports from 22 to 26 by 2019 •According to management team, VJA has increased its market share from 37% last year to 43% in June, surpassing Vietnam Airline (“VNA”) and contributing 70% of the industry growth •The recent offering of 59 millions shares to institutional investors were oversubscribed and existing shareholders are offering 3.5 millions shares to individual investors •The listing is scheduled in the 4th week of February 2017 with no lock-in, VJA will also issue 22.4 millions new shares at offer price for one of the Chairwoman’s holding companies

NLG - Time to Enter Affordable Housing Segment - 3Q2016 Equity Update

21-12-2016 11:23:18

This year’s earnings guidance may be fell short despite Q3’s vigorous performance. Nam Long Investment Corporation (NLG) reported VND 604 billion revenue (+152% QoQ) and VND 35 billion net income (+133% QoQ) in Q32016. 84% revenue in Q32016 were generated from Ehome 3 (VND 183 billion), Ehome 4 (VND 15 billion) and Flora Sakura (VND 311 billion). The robust growth of 152% and 133% YoY in 3Q2016 revenue and profit may be overshadowed by the fact that NLG has just reached 52% and 45% of this year’s targets.   Investment Thesis – Time to Enter Affordable House Segment.   We believe it is right time to enter affordable house segment when there is large mismatch between supply and demand. Our research indicated that a typical house price for typical family (2-bed room, 60sqm) should not be more than USD1,108 per sqm. We believe NLG taps into the affordable demand with his following core competence: ·         Leading market position with 14.2% share in affordable housing demand. The majority of NLG’s products are positioned in the affordable segment: apartments and villas/townhouses are priced below USD1,000 per sqm and USD1,200 per sqm respectively. More than 86% of company’s revenues would come from affordable segments (Valora/Flora/Ehome) ·         Operating as full-integration real estate developer. The firm established a system of subsidiaries each of which operates at a different stage of value chain. Each stage builds up a part of a closed loop and provides added -values. Hence, the company has a system to implement parts or all of the work to meet the needs of the value chain. This would help the firm to improve profit margin and provide competitive output prices.

FPT CORPORATION - Divestment Delay

02-12-2016 13:53:02

3Q2016 witnessed a good performance as revenue and EBT grew by +7% and +22% YoY respectively. Revenue exhibited the strongest quarterly performance since 2Q2015. Telecom and Technology sector contributed most to both top line and bottom line growth.Divestment delay in Retail and Distribution segments disconnects 2016’s earnings. Distribution & Retail segments continue incurring low margin compared with others in 9M2016 and it created the economic sense to divest them from FPT’s portfolio. As per management guidance, the divestment deal may not be closed in 2016 as they can not reach agreement with the potential buyers to sell bundle of Retail and Distribution.Healthy growth in Software Segment driven by oversea market development, particularly Japan. 9M-2016 witnessed a jump of revenue to VND4,169 billion (+27% YoY) and EBT to VND 604 billion (+30% YoY). Oversea markets also signify a very high profit margin as they possess only 15% of FPT’s revenue but account for 30% of EBT. Among foreign markets, Japan plays an increasingly important role that represents the best foreign market in 2016 so far and an average 32% growth / year over the last 10 years.

DGW - One Stop Shop as Key Differentiator - Flash Note - 30 November 2016

30-11-2016 16:04:45

Continued expansion of Consumer Electronics would propel healthy growth of Electronics Distribution. According to GfK’s representative, Vietnam’s Consumer Electronics (CE) market size achieved US$ 7bn in 2015 at 15% CAGR over 2011-2015. In our recent equity update for Mobile World Group (MWG ticker) “The Music Is Still On”, we cited forecast by Euromonitor indicating Vietnam’s CE would continue seeing double-digit growth rate of 18% in 2016F before this figure moderate to 3-6% over 2017F-2020F, mostly on the back of rising disposable income. Likewise, Dell’s Country Manager shared Vietnam’s PC sector is among top 4 fastest growing nations in Asian-Pacific (after China, India and Australia) thanks to the large client base of 50,000-70,000 university freshmen renewed annually. Following these information, Electronics Distribution is anticipated to grow healthily over the next 2-3 years.Upstream and downstream integration risk from giant retailers and manufacturers. With the rapid expansion of electronics retailers such as MWG in terms of both financial and store network, there is risk that retailers could cut out wholesalers like DGW to work directly with suppliers. On the other hand, manufacturers after several years operating in Vietnam may consider building their own logistics and sales network to serve end-users. Though these risks are currently insignificant due to wholesales’ advantages in ordering and stocking sizable quantities of inventories, still there are case studies of Walmart (No.1 global retailer) or Dell (computer manufacturer) that almost eliminated wholesalers in their supply chain in the US market.In 2016, DGW owns 8% and 30% market share in mobile phone and laptop distribution respectively. DGW has the largest distribution network covering 6,000 retail outlets, while the 1st and 2nd runner-up (PSD and FPT) have 2,100 and 1,500 locations.

Phat Dat Real Estate - Everich Infinity Project Expected to Save Life

28-11-2016 08:21:58

EverRich Infinity as life buoy - with favorable location and proper pricing strategy, we expect Everich Infinity may save the 2016 target partly when it is topped out 19 October 2016. If construction at Infinity runs smoothly and hand-over happens as planned, PDR can record VND 346-433 billion revenue and VND 100-120 billion profit in Q4. 2016EPS is projected to be VND 830-VND 930.Cash flow risk does exist and expected to be carried forward to 2017. Cash-flow constraint and high inventories are still the biggest problems that stem from strong competitions and unreasonable pricing strategy. Our analysis showed that almost PDR’s projects, targeted to middle-end segments, faced fierce competition from surrounding projects in term of pricing and delivery. In addition, PDR do not reveal any viable option to restructure finance. As the result, debt repayment plan may be challenged by slow sale progression.Interest Rate Risk - Less favorable interest rate in 2017 adding more gloominess on PDR’s business outlook when we expect (i) the inflation is rising, (ii) bad debts incurs significant operating costs for banks, (iii) Government issues large amount of bonds to compensate for deficit; and (iv) a possibility of a Fed’s rate hike.

MWG [+17.2% - BUY] - The music is still on - 3Q2016 Update

25-11-2016 14:34:26

New growth engines from 2018F onwards. MWG has revealed its new growth engines for post-2017 period when DMX matures to be the grocery chain (BHX) and the B2C ecommerce website, which are both under pilot testing. While there is high chance MWG would expand BHX chain nationally from 2018F onwards, we hold a conservative view towards the success of valuation even in global context. Our 12M-target price is VND 190,000 – a 17.2% upside, deriving from DCF methods. MWG currently trades at 15% discount to global average EV/EBITDA while its EBITDA margin delivers 13% premium to global norm, which is appealing. Considering this valuation results and 2017F-2018F upbeat revenue and earnings growth, our investment view is BUY.The music is still on: DMX replacing TGDD as MWG’s next sales powerhouse, implying upbeat revenue and earnings growth over 2017F-2018F. We view that (TGDD) chain has entered the mature stage of its expansion cycle while chain (DMX) are still at growth phase, indicating DMX would replace TGDD as MWG’s powerhouse over 2017F-2020F. Based on the expansion plan for DMX shared by the Compnay’s CEO, we estimate revenue and earnings would continue growing at double-digit rate over 2017F-2018F.

PC1 - Leading Electricity Construction Company - IPO Roadshow Note

24-11-2016 09:17:17

We have recently attended an IPO roadshow by PCC1 management and their IPO advisor Viet Capital Securities. PCC1 was listed on HOSE last Wednesday 15 Nov under ticker PC1. Please find the highlights of the presentation with our comments below.

PHU TAI JOINT STOCK COMPANY - Stone Blocking - BUY – Potential Upside 15.1%

23-11-2016 14:46:29

3Q2016 net revenue is VND 806.5bn (+6% y-o-y) and net profit is VND 71bn (+50% y-o-y). Q3 net profit increased because of two reasons: (i) cost of goods sold increased slower (+2% y-o-y) than revenue (+6% y-o-y), resulting gross profit increased 31% and (ii) financial expenses decreased by VND 5bn (-41% y-o-y) as the company does not suffer loss from foreign exchange this year.Stone processing plays more important role as it contributed c.64% of gross profit in the first 9 months of 2016 (increased from the portion of 59% in 2015). While sales from Toyota automobiles account for the largest portion of PTB’s 9M2016 revenue, they contribute only VND 28bn or 6.9% (lower than the portion of 10.8% in 2015).On October 18 2016, PTB started to operate its Binh Dinh Stone Processing Factory. Before, the company also started operating the Phase II of Dong Nai Stone Processing Factory in September.