WARNING Re: Abusing the name of Thien Viet Securities JSC (TVS) to take advantage of customers

Recently, Thien Viet Securities Joint Stock Company (TVS) has identified and has information that individuals/ organizations impersonating TVS and approaching TVS’s customers to persuade them to transfer cash for illegal investments and/or appropriate the customer’s assets in a variety of ways, negatively affecting TVS’s customers and reputation.

Companies/ websites that TVS donot have any cooperation with or forge TVS

  • Tiger Global Viet Nam (https://tgvn.download)
  • Website tvs.stockclub.live, tgvna.stockclub.live…

Recommendations for customers:

In order to avoid being defrauded and protect the assets/ interests of the customers, TVS recommends that customers

  • Remain extremely vigilant and keep personal information confidential.
  • Not follow the instructions of unknown phone numbers that do not come from the official TVS’s call center and immediately notify TVS about suspicious content.
  • Not make payments/ transfer cash to any individual or organization of suspicious origin. Customers should only deposit/transfer cash to TVS's accounts specifically mentioned in signed contracts.
  • Customers should only perform transactions of Thien Viet Securities Joint Stock Company on the following channels.


Official TVS’s Mobile app

TVS’s call center

Ha Noi

Ho Chi Minh City

(024) 73006588

(024) 32484820

(028) 73006588

(028) 62992099

(028) 62992091

(028) 62992092 

(028) 62992093 

(028) 62992094

(028) 62992095

(028) 62992299 

Forms of forgery:

The individuals/organizations are impersonating Thien Viet Securities Joint Stock Company (TVS) in the following ways:

  1. Inviting customers to join securities investment recommendation groups: Impersonating TVS’s employees, contacting and inviting TVS’s customers to join training courses and securities investment recommendation groups on social platforms such as ZALO, TELEGRAM, YOUTUBE....
  2. Offering services relating to securities investments such as opening accounts, trading securities on virtual investment apps/ web and requesting TVS’s customers to transfer cash to fraudulent accounts of individuals/ organizations for investment purposes.


TVS affirms that it does NOT entice customers to open accounts, transfer cash for investment, or trade securities on forgery investment apps.

 On behalf of Thien Viet Securities JSC

Chief Executive Officer