Friendly working environment

TVS offers a friendly, sociable and approachable working environment which aims to allow each employee to thrive. In addition, all staff are fully equipped with the necessary technology to excel at their job. TVS employees work a standard work week of five days per week and are offered paid leave that is in accordance with the Labor Code. All these factors enable TVS to maintain its employees’ loyalty, resulting in 70% of our staff having worked with the company for over five years.

Mental health first

At TVS we believe in providing a working environment that allows staff to thrive by allowing the freedom to create and encourage our staff to have an entrepreneurial mindset. As part of this mantra we believe in the importance of strong mental and physical health. We provide unique opportunities which allow our staff to push their mental ability forward through meditation and yoga classes held within our building. We also have offsite leadership workshops for mindfulness and meditation which we believe help our leaders to think outside the box and allows the team to keep a steady mind when facing particularly challenging business scenarios. We are particularly proud of this effort to help bring out the best version of all our employees.

Gender diversity

We believe having a gender balanced workforce brings diversity of thought which in turn leaders to better decision making. As this topic gains traction, more and more research is coming out in support of women being involved in the investment process, as these investments generate a greater return and possess less of a downside risk. Women are represented at all levels of our company from the board, to the CEO to middle management. We are proud that this has evolved naturally for us as we find the best candidate for each role independent of gender.

Continuing education

At TVS, the senior leadership team is dedicated to training our people. Annually, TVS supports core employees to attend advanced professional and managerial training courses at domestic and international organizations such as:

  • Attending required legal/financial courses organized by the SSC's Training Center
  • Attending training courses on auditing and information technology
  • Receiving support for exams and study for the ACCA and CFA accreditation
  • Attending in-house English classes



Title Division Education Joined in
Vice President Investment Banking Cambridge University, Mathematics 2019

“A deal is never closed by one person but by a supportive team. I appreciate our teamwork spirit in everything we do. And with that attitude, we have been able to achieve the best results for our clients.”

Hoang Trung Hieu

Senior Associate

Ho Nhat Quang

Investment Manager
Title Division Education Joined in
Portfolio Manager Asset Management UNSW, Commerce 2012

“I joined TVS when I was fresh out of college. I did not think I was able to make any high level decisions here, but TVS proved me otherwise. I was allowed to make mistakes during my first few years and from that, I have learned and made wiser investment decision later on.”