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Investment strategy for risky stocks

06-08-2014 18:10:25

Here we sort list companies on the brink of compulsory delisting, but have a chance to survives should they  avoid the above regulatory actions. Those are stocks on the verge of collapse with two years of consecutive losses (2012 and 2013),

PNC: AGM Note 2014

30-06-2014 06:20:10

Target 2014 revenue of VND350bn (+4%yoy) and 2014 net profit of VND7bn: Although PNC incurred VND6bn loss in 1H 2014, the company expects to make profits in 2H 2014 to reach AGM’s target. Upbeat expectation is stemmed from ...

DMC: Undervaluation

25-06-2014 18:40:30

Undervaluation: DMC’s 2014 P/E of 8.0x lower than average forward PE of comparable firms 10.8x and attractive 2014 PE/EPS growth of 0.47x. With the expected EPS growth rate of +17% (from a diluted 2013 EPS 4.020 VND/share ...

TTC: Struggling in an oversupplied market

17-06-2014 14:20:30

The local ceramic market has become oversupplied since 2007. Inventory has reached 30% total production in 2013 forcing players to operate at only 70% total capacity (435 mil.sqm/year). TTC has limited competitive advantage ...


10-06-2014 05:20:20

No growth prospect: VGP’s profitable business is the port/warehousing segment but it was running at full capacity since 2009. Sales growth largely comes from trading activity which is not profitable. VGP’s financial strength derives ...


09-05-2014 09:20:30

As the steel industry suffered huge oversupply with sale stuck due to economic crisis, HPG took the opportunity to expand market share and quickly emerged as the market leader. HPG’s competitive move is built around low costs ...